Monday, November 15, 2010

Another avenue to self-publishing

The publishing industry is a business. Traditional publishing has been around for many years, and recently those iconic houses have been forced to examine their business models. It's an economic issue. So, while the publishers figure out what they're doing, others involved directly and indirectly in the publishing industry are offering other options to the authors and the readers of their work.

The experts at those brick and mortar houses consider your submission and try to make an informed guess on whether they can make a significantly generous profit on their efforts to put your work in the hands of the readers. Many fine submissions are turned away, passed on, simply because of the numbers and the database predictions. Many of those writers who have been shunned by agents and editors have decided to turn to other outlets to get their work published.

For some time now, companies with recognizable names like Lulu, CreateSpace, and Smashwords, to name a few of the most prolific, have provided a needed service and have offered writers an alternative to traditional publishing. Borders has now joined the bandwagon as an additional route to self-publishing and POD for those writers who wish to pursue that option.

So, if you're looking into the possibilities of self-publishing or POD, here's a LINK that will take you to the Borders Bookbrewer site where you can read all about it.

If any dear readers have actually jumped on the POD or self-publishing train, please leave a comment and tell us how it went. Also, if you're considering it, and you have some additional info the rest of need to know, comment on that, too.

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  1. I hate to respond with a link as I feel it is a bit of a cheat, but being a self-published author who has waded through a lot of the ebook mess already, I thought I would weigh in on.

    Here is the link to PG 1 of my post on ebook publishing and Borders Book Brewer. "Things to make you go hmmm..."


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