Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Best Books of December 2011

We spoke on Monday about your author platform, and we mentioned Facebook and author pages. Today I wanted to add another site you should add to your arsenal: Goodreads. 
My YA thriller, Lost in the Bayou, has been on Goodreads since it was released on December 2. But I'm beginning to realize what a powerful and valuable tool it can be for an author.

I found out today that Lost in the Bayou is currently in the #2 position for the Best Books of December 2011 on Listopia at the Goodreads site. That's a great honor for me, and I certainly appreciate all the support the book has been given. However, Cassandra Clare is currently occupying the position I'd like to claim. So, I'm going to find out how many people read this blog, because I'm going to ask each of you to visit the link below and give me your vote. It would be a great accomplishment, not only for me as the author, but for Musa as a new publisher. I promise I'll be forever grateful. 

So, if you can spare a moment, and you'd like to make my day, head on over to Goodreads and cast a vote for Lost in the Bayou. Here's the LINK.

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