Monday, June 28, 2010

One of these days...

Writing is a lonely business.

You write your query letters and send them off to your agents-of-choice. Then you wait. It's horrible. The excitement and frustration is difficult to explain to your non-writing friends.

You check you email every day, multiple times, hoping to see something encouraging from one of those agents. Occasionally, something shows up, but it's usually not very encouraging.

But the sun does break through the dark clouds every so often. Every once in a while, there's a request for samples, and that's when your heart races with new hope. So you send off the samples and go back to waiting. Yes. It's a lonely business.

So what do you do to fill the time? Do you go back to your WIP and continue writing it or editng it? Do you return to your recently completed novel and tweak it a bit more, even though you have fulls and partials out to agents who've requested them. Do you start thinking about a new story?

I know I'm going to get lots of different answers on this one. So type away and tell us what you do to fill the waiting time.


  1. I am in that in between stage. Just finished my first round of revisions and waiting on some beta feedback.

    But I have a new book simmering on the back burner and I may jump in mid-July...

  2. I always have multiple projects on the go, so always have something else to work on. Right now I'm revising 2 novels while I wait to hear back from agents about my first.

    Plus writing and publishing short stories wherever and whenever I can.


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