Saturday, September 3, 2011

Facebook Fan Pages

Much has been written lately about the importance of creating a "platform" as a writer. It is important, but it isn't a quick fix.

Creating a platform is going to take more than six days. Be prepared to spend some time starting out and a lot of continual effort in growing your "platform."

Why is this important?

Primarily, it's a marketing tool for your writing and your books. You may be the best writer since Hemingway, but if you aren't marketing yourself, you're not going to achieve the level of sales or exposure you need. And, if you can create and maintain a large following, this is going to play well with an agent or publisher who is considering you as a potential client or author. It also helps if you decide to self-publish either POD or eBooks. The larger the platform, the more potential sales.

A starting point.

Now, along that same subject line, here's an item of interest. I just discovered the "fan page" on Facebook. This is one item you can do in short order that will get you started in the platform-building mode or expand your current efforts. The screenshot above is of the page I created. Here's the LINK. I hope you will visit it and "LIKE" me. I just posted this last night and I already have 32 Likers. Thanks for that.

It was fairly simple to create, and the great thing is that it costs absolutely NOTHING! So, I'm all for passing those freebies along to my dear reading writers. The site where you can do this is called WIX.COM. They offer a great variety of templates you can start with. You'll just need to find something that works for you and start building it from there.

Use your creativity (I know you have tons of that) and get going on it. And send me a link when you finish. I'll visit you and "LIKE" you while I'm there. And that's how you start building your platform.
Have fun.


  1. I'm not on facebook. I just have issues with their privacy settings.

  2. thank you Mr. Broadway or Mr. DeVille (?) - this is very, very useful!

    Best to you,
    Deb (fellow Musa author: "House and Garden")


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