Saturday, October 15, 2011

Musa Authors

If you're a writer or author, or maybe even a literary agent, you're probably aware of the buzz that's going on in the industry with the opening of Musa Publishing. If not, you can head over to Absolute Write and read about it. After you finish there, visit Facebook. And Twitter. The buzz is all over the blogosphere. The great thing is: It's all good! Everyone I have spoken with at Musa has been professional, courteous, and responsive.

If you haven't guessed, I'm a member of that author group, herd, flock, swarm, or whatever you wish to call it. We authors have started becoming acquainted with each other over the past week or so, and we're doing what we can to help each other out in our new family. Which is as it should be.

So here's my contribution:

1. If you are a Musa author, leave a comment with the title of your book. Also, if you'd like, leave a blurb so we know what it's about, and a release date if it isn't available yet. Link it to your website, blog, or wherever readers can get more info about it.

2. Email me with a short teaser about your book and I'll do as many posts as possible in the coming weeks. I'm thinking one post per week should give everyone a little exposure.
Finally, I hope you will slide over to the right sidebar and hit that "FOLLOW" button so we can get more readers and contributors on here. I may hit you up for a guest blog post at some point if you're interested in that.

If you're not a Musa author, but you'd like to check out the books we've written, you can go to the Musa Publishing site or search for Musa Publishing on


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  2. Nice idea. I have 2 full length novels coming out with Musa. 1 Dec 9 & 1 Feb 3. I have blurbs on my website under coming soon.
    I love the Musa community & how we all help 'pimp' each other. :)

  3. Hi Michael, great idea. A page dedicated to my novel, Folville's Law, can be found below. It also includes an excerpt:

    My blog is here:


  4. Great idea!! Thanks!

    Arley Cole
    The Blacksmith's Daughter
    October 21!!!!

    She believes she is only a blacksmith's daughter, but he must discover the truth or risk losing his land---and his life.

  5. the name is a bit similar to another house

  6. This is very cool, thank you so much!

    I am the author of Crazy Greta, coming from Mus in March 2012. It concerns how Greta fared in the Uprising of Death in 1572, how she met the Widows of Hell, Christopher Marlowe as a traveling companion, and the Fall of the Rebel Angels, among other scenes and incidents in Heaven, Hell, and the Netherlands.

  7. HI I have Lady Hartley's Inheritance - a Regency, released 14 October
    Duty's Destiny - Another Regency - release date 11 November
    AND Downsizing - a contemporary with an overweight heroine struggling to fit into this size-conscious world of ours - release date November 4.

  8. Hi there, good to see another shout out for Musa. My suspense wrk of short fiction is The Silent Hills, published under the Melpomene imprint:

  9. Didn't see this at first. I'm Emma Lane with three Regency Romances about to be posted in the next two weeks. I left a message in another place, but I'd like to do a guest blog if possible. Great idea for you to do this.
    Emma Lane


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