Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet Emma Lane - Author

Today we have another Musa author with us. Please welcome Emma Lane. She’s offered to spend some time with us and tell us a little about her new novel, Belinda, My Love. So, let’s get started.

Where did your inspiration for this book come from? 

Belinda is the youngest of three sisters of the Vicar Robinson. She can’t remember her mother who passed away too soon, but her father approves of his daughters who engage in God’s work. Belinda has had a very liberal upbringing. She lives in a small community where everyone knows everyone. Belinda is a keen herbalist/chemist. She helps the local doctor heal the sick and involves herself in medical research by mail. At the time of our story, she is 19 years old and about to make her come-out in London.

How do you create your characters? Are they based on people you know, or do they each have a little of Emma Lane inside them?

I am part owner of an herb/perennial shoppe. I wanted to write more about herbs, but Belinda got involved in her London adventure. She is her own person and very strong minded, if I may say so. 

BELINDA, MY LOVE is both Belinda’s story and Quinton Royston, Lord Harrington’s. He appears in all three of the stories and finally had to have his own with Belinda. He is the rogue who could not be introduced to the young ladies in MY PASSIONATE LOVE and the ostracized Rogue who came to Melanie’s rescue in A SCANDALOUS DESIGN.  Who, by the way, doesn’t love a rogue? Especially a handsome one with a crooked grin. To watch him fall in love and make a fool of himself was too precious for words. 

I ask each of the Musa authors I interview to speak a bit about Musa and their publishing model. They’re concentrating their publishing efforts entirely in the digital format realm at the present time. Did you have any reservations about being solely digital when you signed with them?

Not in the least. I would follow the Fab Four to the ends of the earth. That entire staff is a group of movn’ grovn’ smart ladies. They’ve set up a system that promises to open the eyes of the entire publication community. I predict a new wave of transparency between authors and publishers in the future.

Tell us a little about the chronology. What steps led up to the contract?

Well, first you muddle around and write the book. Then you rewrite it. and rewrite, and rewrite. Then you submit, and submit…do you want me to go on? Then when you get the offer, you do several snoopy dances around your living room, out into the driveway and into the street. Then you are introduced to your editor, and you wonder if you ever rewrote the story. It’s quite an education. 

I’m guessing an artist at Musa created your cover. Did you have any input in that creation?

It’s a neat system. I can’t explain it all to you, but Kelly was my creator. We do work together, but the powers that be have the last say so. I love my covers a lot.

Tell our readers one unusual thing about you that we would never suspect.

I am a wildflower buff and an amateur birdwatcher. I also write contemporary and have one in publication over @ Desert Breeze Publishing.  It’s a romantic suspense heavy in nature and birds.

It sounds like you’re a very busy author. Where can our readers get a copy of your Belinda, My Love? Also, will it work for Kindle and Nook and all of those other eReaders out there?  

I’m a bad one to ask. To my knowledge our books are available on most popular sites. I will tell you that I prefer you download from the Musa site and then go from there. I read my stories right from my computer and it works out just fine. Other authors will probably provide better detail than I.

‘The Vicar’s Daughters Three’ are a set, but they can be read alone as well without disturbing the stories. I very much enjoyed writing them and I hope you will like reading them. Aurora Regency has a fine selection of Regency and Historical stories for your selection. MUSA PUBLISHING has something fun going on all the time. Do stop by and give us a visit and a shout-out.

Thanks for having me here. I’ve enjoyed our interview very much.

Thanks, Emma, for spending the time with us today and giving us a glimpse into your stories. We’re wishing you the best of luck with these and future books.


  1. I know they can all stand alone, but I hope people will read the whole trilogy. Each of the sisters is so unique, and so are the men they fall in love with. Some Regency writers just use the same characters over and over, just giving them different names and titles, but you never do that.

    These stories have really stuck with me, Emma, and I'm so pleased that I got an early read. Your characters are strong and funny and flawed, and I'm totally in love with all of them.


  2. I've never read this genre, but your books sound really interesting. And I appreciated all the information on the workings of Musa. I wish you, and them, much success.

  3. Thanks Kathy and melody. I have anxiety separation now that all 3 are published. You are a sweety to say all that Kathy.
    You'll love the genre Melody. Regencies are a sweet, sometimes funny read with a HEA ending.
    Thanks again for letting me guest blog here.
    Emma J. Lane

  4. Thanks for all the comments, dear readers. I love hearing from you.

  5. Perfect questions. Perfect answers. Perfect Romance.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this interview! I love the idea of "meeting the characters". It really does make one want to read the book(s).


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