Sunday, August 5, 2012

Authors need a press kit

In todays teeming internet and digital media world, there is a continual search for interesting things to write about. Bloggers are always on the lookout for new material. As a newly published author, you and your book fall into that "new meat" category.

There's an anxiously waiting market for that information, and you need to have something to send when requests come flying into your email. At this point in your career, you might be wondering what to send so you project a professional appearance
. Well, read on to learn all about it.

In order to provide the best information to the press and the bloggers who are going to write about you, you need to create a press kit that contains, among other things, a basic bio, some information about your work, and a great photo of your beautiful likeness. Providing this information will make it easier for others to write about you, and it gives you a quick and easy way to respond to requests for information.

Saundra Mitchell has put together a great article on this very subject. I've included a link to it at the end of this post. She tells us that...

There are 5 basic elements in a press kit:
 1) Your biography
2) Contact information
3) Your photo
4) A synopsis of your most current work
5) Representative art for your most current work

And she describes each one of those items in detail. Rather than reinvent the wheel and recreate what she's done such a wonderful job in putting together, here's a LINK to her article.


  1. VERY helpful, Michael. Thank you for that.

  2. I hadn't even gotten to this step at all and now you got me seeing how unprepared I am for anyone to ask anything of me. Sigh.

  3. thanks Michael! The five basic steps seem obvious but not when so much other stimuli are clouding our minds. Very helpful link.

  4. Electronic Press Kit is A web-based all-in-one publicity software which allow’s businesses, organization’s, authur and musicians to create and email their publicity campaigns with ease, 24/7, in ONE being with Electronic Press Kit.....

  5. I have been using electronic press release for my Tupperware business, and must say that it has been a God send to have everything streamlined in one place, neatly.  Not to mention being able to email my electronic press release, has saved me a lot of time.


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