Friday, December 14, 2012

Who is this Cordelia Dinsmore?

I keep running into her name. I did some research and learned that she is a new author at Musa Publishing. I've also noticed that she's been popping up and leaving comments at various blogs that I visit and read. More than a few times a day, her name comes up, either in a blogpost on Triberr or in a comment on another author's blog.

I don't know if she's an international spy, a figment of my imagination, or if there's some type of magnetic attraction that's moving us on a parallel path. What's going on?

HERE IS HER BLOG in case you want to read it. She is a very good writer, by the way. You should spend some time reading, because she has some really interesting posts.

Who is this Cordelia Dinsmore anyway?

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  1. Now you've done it! Witness protection will have to be notified! Honesty, you're in big trouble, mister!


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