Wednesday, June 13, 2012

QR Technology and Book Sales

Will the new innovations never end? I've just received something called a QR code from my publisher, Musa Publishing. This code will be imprinted on the back cover of my soon-to-be-released Limited Edition Promotional Print Run for Cannibal Island.

In case you're wondering what the QR code is all about, let me 'splain it briefly based on my own limited understanding. If you have an iPhone or a Smartphone, you can download an app called QR Scanner (it's free). Once you have that, simply open the app and point your camera lens at any QR or bar code on any product. The phone will read the information and give you the option to connect to a website where you can get more information or purchase the product. It's that simple and that amazing.

If you have the QR app in your phone, try it now. Point it at the QR code on this post and see if it takes you to the website.

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  1. I feel so very old and outdated. I'm never going to figure out all these things I need to know. (sigh) But it looks very interesting.


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