Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Writing for the senses...

The senses are a very powerful tool for adding realism to a story. As a reader, we enjoy it when the author takes us deep into the story and paints a realistic environment for the characters. As a writer, we need to strive to offer our readers no less.

The excerpt below is from my newly-released MG novel, Skullhaven. I selected it to provide an example of what I'm talking about regarding sensual input.

Skullhaven Cemetery is across the highway from the Sacred Heart orphanage. It lies in a shadowed valley where a misty cloud of fog rises from the ground shortly after sunset. No streetlights warm the soul on a chilly autumn evening, and once you step through the creaking, rusting wrought iron entrance gate, the night wraps around you like a damp shroud. It is an old and lonely place, where lost spirits haunt the grounds until they move on—if they can.
In this example we've covered four out the five senses. The only thing missing is the sense of smell. That's a bit unfortunate, because that sense is perhaps the most powerful for sparking memories and adding additional realism.
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