Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amazon Breakthrough Novel

On January 24th, Amazon and CreateSpace will open the entries for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition. And they're going to accept 5,000 entries in each of two categories: adult fiction and young adult fiction.

The first stage is to submit a 300-word pitch for your project. Those will be judged on factors other than putting in the correct number of words. So get your entries polished up because the time is drawing near.


  1. To late! I've polished the heck out of my novel and now it's UP AND AVAILABLE!! Super scary and very exciting *grin*

    Good luck to all those that enter!

    The Arrival,available on Amazon NOW!

  2. It's 5000 entries in each category.

    Last year YA didn't even fill, but I think this year a lot more people are planning to enter. Certainly, I know a lot who are....

  3. awesome post here- am also an author on the road to publication... one ebook down. an agent in the wings with 2 novels and working on number 4... that's the charm, right?
    so- that said, I am adding my name twice- to get both links to both blog/ websites. hope that'a ok?


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