Sunday, January 16, 2011

Release Date set

Oh, happy day. Or rather, happy day yet to come.

I've decided to publish one of my stories in a real-hold-in-your-hands paperback. You know. A real book. It's entitled A Tale of Two Hearts, and I would personally classify it as a middle grade book that's creeping into the young adult arena. It's kind of what a lot of agents refer to as a "tween" book. It's only 50,000 words, so it could work as either one from a length standpoint. The story involves an adventure sprinkled with a little mystery and a touch of fantasy. There is also just a hint of romance.

Whatever you want to call it, or however you wish to classify it, the release date is set for February 14th, so be ready to join me in celebrating the actual publication and all the joy that accompanies such a momentous event.

I'm reducing the price of the book to a point that is barely above the production cost level in order to attract the largest number of customers. I'm hoping that will be an incentive for some of you to purchase the paperback for your own young readers. And, naturally, I would love your reviews if you do decide to buy it.

But there's more! I'm also working with GWE in the creation of a book trailer which should be ready a few days before the release date. That will allow a little time for sending out teaser messages to increase interest. I'm excited to see what they come up with.

Tumbling typefaces, Batman! It's almost like being a real author! If you'd like to take a look, there's a PREVIEW on Feel free to comment and answer the questions included. More to come as it unfolds.

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