Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Contest - With a Prize!

We are going to have an activity designed to provide some additional exposure for Lost in the Bayou and result in a nice prize for one lucky winner. We're doing this prior to our big event that's coming up January 27th. I haven't posted that info yet, but it's coming, so be prepared for a BIG giveaway on that one.

This time, we're giving away a T-shirt. Obviously, it's a T-shirt based on Lost in the Bayou. I have created two designs. If you're named the winner, you can select either one. But, just out of curiosity, leave me a comment on which one you prefer. I may print some extras to have on hand, and I'd like to know which one you like better. So here they are. 

T-SHIRT NUMBER 1 is on top. 
T-SHIRT NUMBER 2 is on the bottom. 
You decide.


  1. Oh, man, I like them both. But I kind of like the top one better. Conrad is such a freaky character and I think more people would ask, "who is Conrad?"

    Just my opinion, of course.

  2. I am liking the bottom one! It gives a real sense of the kind of suspenseful books you write and is good brand marketing!

  3. Loving the bottom one. It gives me chills and makes me want to read nonstop. Plus it makes me curious why you keep me up all night... Did I already say I LOVE LOVE the bottom one?

  4. The top one because it poses a question which is always good on a T shirt. Makes people walking past do a double take. Then we walk away thinking, "Who the hell is Conrad?"

  5. I like the top one. The question mark almost looked like a hook! I had to do a double-take! Plus people will ask 'Who the hell is Conrad?' Pick #1!

  6. Oh, the bottom one (number 2) without a doubt.

  7. I like 1. If I didn't know what it was - I'd want to look it up. Like Honey Badger ;)

  8. I love them both also, but I think the top one (#1) is the best. Like others said, it's going to make people question who Conrad is. Kind of like Where's Waldo? And if I'm the lucky winner I promise, promise, promise to wear that t-shirt everywhere I go to help promote your book. And every time someone stops to ask me who Conrad is I'll tell them they'll just have to buy the book to find out.
    There, was that good enough? Did I win? Did I huh?

  9. I love T shirt number 2!!


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