Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yay, Goodreads!

Today I wanted to spread a little publicity for a great website known as Goodreads. I don't know how many readers there are who visit that site, but I know there are a ton of them. If you're a reader, this is a great place to find new books and read reviews of books that other readers have left.

If you're a writer, Goodreads is also a great addition to your marketing and publicity mix. You can set up an author page, post your books, and get reviews. Also, your book can get added to lists. My YA thriller, Lost in the Bayou, is current on The Best Books of December 2011. It's in 7th place from the top. Naturally, I would love for it to move upward because more readers are likely to pick it if it's closer to the top. If you're not busy, here's a link where you can go and vote for it. And I would be very grateful for that.

Lost in the Bayou, Best Books of December 2011.

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  1. Agree, Im on goodreads and also have a blog and twitter if you want to take a look..writerjane1 ..great blog here and Im working on my "platform!" so thanks for the article. As yet, I am unpublished but working to change that! J


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