Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get Klout and Get on With it.

My friend Nathan Bransford has a great blog post today. So great, in fact, that I wanted to mention the same subject for those of you who don't read Nathan's blog. It involves marketing and how social networking has become a vital part of that undertaking. Whether you're a published author or about to become one, even a self-published one, you need to not only think about social networking, but get started doing it. Now. It's how your following is created and maintained.

Obviously, the most commonly used social media venues today include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Those three should definitely be on your short list of networks to expand. If you're already active on those, and if you'd like to check and see how successful you are so far, go to or These two sites will give you a rating based on various factors of your social media activity.

I just checked my scores: Klout = 32. Peer Index = 19. I'm going to have to work on both of those numbers in order to create the following I need.

Feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions on what you have done to increase your social marketing status. We'd love to hear about it.

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