Sunday, March 6, 2011

Star Wishes

First of all, if you have "friended" me on Facebook, thank you for that.

Secondly, those of you who are my "friends" have probably read my comments regarding the soon-to-be-released paperback version of a previously unpublished work—Star Wishes.

In case you haven't guessed, this is one of my favorite stories, and one for which I've been hoping to find a publisher or agent—with no success—even after performing my mandatory query mailings. So, I have fdecided to go ahead and publish it myself.

The fact that I'm the author is not the reason that the story is a good one and worthy of being published. It's just coincidental. But, since everyone else has so far failed to see the potential value in it, and I alone have perceived its worth, I'm going to take on the personal responsibility and the expense of publishing it. I really think it's worthy of seeing the light of day as a published book, and I feel it's a touching story that a lot of young readers will enjoy and pass along to their friends.

But, as with every undertaking, there are always decisions to be made. First of all, when should it be released? It's a Christmas tale. It begins on December 17th when Holly Starr finds the mysterious golden box under the holly bush. That's the day that everything changes.

So we have something of a dilemma on our hands. It's not even spring yet, and the book is ready for release. The question is, should I release it now, or wait until Thanksgiving to make it available so that customers can order it and have it in their hands in December, when the story actually takes place? The latter seems more logical. In fact, it doesn't seem very appropriate or likely that a story revolving around the Christmas holidays would be purchased and read in spring or summer. But I could be totally off base with this idea.

I would enjoy reading your thoughts on this. Meanwhile, if you noticed the graphic at the beginning of this post, you may have found that it's different from the previously posted version. I've changed the background to a Christmas red, since it's a Christmas story. Seemed more appropriate than black, although there are a few black moments in the plot as Holly tries to figure out what to do with her three wishes.

I would love to read your comments.

Keep writing. We'll get it figured out eventually.


  1. Sounds like waiting until the holiday season would be prudent. That also give you about 9 months to whet appetites for the upcoming release...

  2. Definitely get it going now, then advertise like crazy around Christmas. Believe me, it takes months for people to get to know about a book, plus it takes time for printers and websites to stock it. Plus you'll want an eBook.

    My book Star-Crossed Rascals is just taking off - fantastic, but it was published last November, so was my other book Velvet Ball.

    Do it now or you'll miss out on potential customers. Also, remember what happend to Irene?

    Do not wait! Go for it, Now!!!!

    Plus, I love that story.

  3. I think the cover could be stronger and better designed.


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