Sunday, March 27, 2011

Your Books - Redux

I'm moving this post up today so we can get a few more authors listed. I've received emails that this was a good idea, so let's keep it going. If you agree that it's a good idea, you can always help spread the word. It's all about getting the word out and making everyone aware of what's available.

If you've published a book, either in printed form or in a digital format for Kindle or Nook or whatever, just add your link to the list below. You can list your name or the book title, or both, but be sure to put the correct link in so we can get to it and see what you've created.

NOW HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART: Be sure to get your listing in before 6:00 pm Central Time. At that point, I'm going to create a new poll of the listings. We're going to use those for a new feature which is going to be even more exciting. It's going to be so exciting, in fact, that I know you're going to love it. So be sure to check back later today and see what's going on. Have I piqued your interest? The important thing right now is to create your link. So just do it!


  1. Very cool idea!! Keep plugging it!

  2. great idea! i'm planning on having a self-published book out on CreateSpace hopefully May 1st! so i hope to have a url to a space where people can buy it then!

  3. Thanks for letting us share...checking out the other links now.

  4. Thanks so much! I've checked out the other links and bookmarked a few to buy. :)

  5. What a nice gesture and idea! I'm sending this post to my author friends right now! :)

  6. This is such a great idea! Thanks!


  7. Thank you for the space!
    Please, visit and read the sneak peek from Part II in my Antiserum series. Jocelyn seems to have given in to her addiction and being a vampire, that can only mean one thing... blood. Perhaps you can help the author decide if this passage should stay or go? Leave a comment or email me
    You can also find me on LinkedIn (Patricia Carrigan) and Twitter (pcarrigan1)
    Patricia A. Carrigan
    Author Antiserum

  8. Thank you!!! I linked to my latest book, but you can find all of them at

  9. Thanks for this great Idea !!!
    Tommy Batchelor

  10. Thanks for hosting the links. I linked to the series on Amazon, because both books out will come up and in both print & digital formats.
    The books are Misfit McCabe & Nowhere Feels Like Home.

  11. And the Andrew Smith who's on here is not me. Just sayin'

  12. Andres Smith #2. You're welcome to enter your book link. Just use a variation of the name so we don't get confused. I'm going to list the books by title in the next phase anyway, so there shouldn't be any confusion.

  13. Hi Michael, Thanks for a great post. Not sure if I'm too late. different time zone, plus I lost the internet yesterday.

    I've been so busy organising a website and trying to finish editing my next book - Molly Gumnut to be released on Amazon with my other two books, that I even forget to have meals. LOL

    I haven't even had chance to view your latest book trailer yet, but I'll get there very soon. When my website is up and running, I'll be able to add links to other self published authors. I'll love that. I should have added a better link to my books just now as they are available with Barnes and noble too.

    I might be a little too late for this post.


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