Sunday, December 11, 2011

A special thanks to this reviewer -

What a wonderful surprise to find this review on my book site this morning. It comes from a fellow author, a Mr. Joe Perrone, Jr. This is the kind of review an author lives for. Thanks Joe.

Glad I "found" Lost in the Bayou -

Cornell DeVille is not exactly a household name, but if this talented author continues to turn out books like this one, he soon will be. I stumbled across his work on an authors website that I frequent, and was intrigued by its title and description. I downloaded a free sample and was immediately captivated by the opening scene (which, unfortunately, was also the extent of the "free" part). "Oh, what the heck?" I thought, "For $3.99 how can I go wrong?"

So, I purchased it. Big mistake! Now it's two-thirty in the AM, and I've just finished reading what is technically a YA mystery, but qualifies, in my opinion, as a book suited for all age groups - it's that good!

Lost In The Bayou (don't you just love the title?) tells the tale of two young children, trapped in a battle with a crazed uncle who is intent upon acquiring their father's estate at any cost, even if means killing his niece and nephew to accomplish his goal. Along the way we are treated to scenarios painted with a brush that is virtually dripping with descriptive adjectives of every color and hue. Set in the Sixties, Lost In The Bayou is replete with vivid images of that historic era, including references to hit songs and automobiles popular at the time.

Then, there's the antagonist's obsession with The Lone Ranger, a theme that runs throughout the book, serving as a metaphor for the battle between good and evil. The characters are as varied and three dimensional as any of those created by the likes of Twain, and just as endearing. I especially enjoyed meeting Mrs. Deffenbaugh, the housekeeper.

Lost In The Bayou is a story that will definitely suck you in - much like the quicksand that surrounds the big cypress tree - but to find out how it's done, you'll just have to buy the book and read it! Great job, Mr. DeVille. Keep 'em coming!

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