Friday, December 9, 2011

Supporting Characters

Novels typically contain our main characters--the hero and the villain. However, except for the rare instance, these characters can’t perform their play on a stage totally devoid of other actors. Just like the leading men and women in the Hollywood films, our supporting characters, though sometimes underappreciated, are really a vital requirement.

In Lost in the Bayou, one supporting actress who gets a minimal amount of screen time is Mrs. Deffenbaugh. But even though she didn’t have to memorize a lot of lines (for which she is terribly grateful), she delivers the ones she’s been given with star quality and in one take.

The Euterpe Blog over at Musa Publishing has printed an article this morning about our dear Mrs. Deffenbaugh. Let's mosey on over there and read the rest of the story.

Click HERE.


  1. I agree with you. Supporting characters are very important.

  2. Supporting Characters bring out the best in every Main Character.

  3. Great post, Cornell. I really like Mrs. Deffenbaugh, but for some reason she doesn't look quite like I saw her in my head. Oh, and I followed the link and thoroughly enjoyed the little excerpt.


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