Saturday, December 10, 2011

What readers are saying...

It was only a week ago that Lost in the Bayou was released through the Euterpe imprint at Musa Publishing. It's been a slow start so far, but the momentum is building and it's most encouraging to read the wonderful reviews that are coming in. I wanted to reprint a few of them for you in this post.

Let's start with Jenn from Jenn's Book Blog.

This book was amazing. Your attention is grabbed on the first page and it's a roller coaster ride through the rest of the book. The words paint such a picture in your head you feel like you are right there with the characters. Alternately throughout this book i found myself with goosebumps, my heart racing, and almost crying from imagining what the characters are experiencing and feeling. I read the entire book in a matter of hours because i couldn't tear myself away. I can't wait to read more of DeVille's stories.

Sharon from Missouri writes:

I started reading this book when I went to bed the other night, thinking that I would read a chapter or two, get drowsy and fall asleep. It didn't quite turn out that way. By around 3:00am I had finished the last page. It was definitely a page turner. I simply couldn't put it down. I kept thinking, "okay this chapter won't leave me wanting more. I'll turn out the light and go to sleep as soon as I finish it." But each chapter did leave me wondering what would happen next. The deeper into the book I got the faster my heart would race and I found myself reading even faster. I would recommend this to any young reader or older reader (like myself) who enjoys a good read. It is such a good story that everyone will enjoy it. I would love to see this come out as a movie. The characters jump out of the pages and come to life so easily. I think this author will go far and I certainly plan to read everything I can that he has written. Mr. DeVille, thank you for letting your imagination take me somewhere I've never been. Please continue your wonderful writing, many young people will enjoy this for years to come. You are truly a gifted writer.

All the way from Australia, Vonnie comments:

Such a great novel for the YAs. A bit of gruesome, a bit of mystery, a bit of pathos, even an alligator or two. What's not to like? I defy anyone to put this book down once they've started, not even for fire, flood or famine. DeVille has crafted an intriguing tale of two kids whose parents have supposedly died in a plane crash. Their nearest relative is an uncle straight out of the original Grimm fairy tales. Of course he's nutty as a fruitcake but dangerous - very dangerous. So the kids escape to the bayou. Hobson's choice. Great storytelling where problem is piled upon problem. Always good to see enterprising kids outwit evil adults.

Kerry from Colorado says:

Cornell DeVille has done an amazing job in this YA suspense/thriller! I had plans of reading this book slowly, taking my time to savor the Bayou, get to know the characters and enjoy the read. Well, Cornell, in the BEST way possible, you grabbed my plans, wadded them up and threw them into the flaming oil lantern! Each chapter had me wanting to delve deeper into the bayou (I've never been there, but my mind was taking me all over the swamp!) and I could not get enough of the words on each page. If you are looking for a thrill, for the unexpected, take a trip with the kids in Lost In The Bayou. You won't be disappointed!

Katherine from the Show-Me State writes:

Cornell Deville is an expert at making the mundane terrifying. Uncle Conrad lost a hand in Korea, which would normally inspire compassion, but the way he uses his metal prosthesis--to threaten children with--is scary. Deville does that with other things, too...blueberries, for instance, and the Lone Ranger. He is also an expert at evoking mood in every scene. His heroine, Robin, is a completely believable 14-year-old girl, especially when it comes to her relationship with her younger brother. Most importantly, the book is just the right amount of scary for middle grade teen readers--it doesn't baby them by softpedalling the danger, but it stops short of traumatizing them. I highly recommend Lost in the Bayou.

Dannyboy from Kansas tells us:

I don't read YA, but my daughter wanted this book for her Kindle. I was out of reading material, so decided to scan the first few pages. Then I didn't stop. That Conrad character was such a slimy piece of work. I knew those kids were in trouble from the get-go. This is exactly the kind of book I craved as a kid. I would read it under the covers with my flashlight, scaring myself spitless. Then I'd eventually drop off to sleep with every light in my room on, the blankets pulled up to my chin, and waiting for the bedroom doorknob to turn. Reminds me of the old Alfred Hitchcock shows I used to watch with my dad. My daughter's going to love it!


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