Friday, February 5, 2010

Query Contest Update...

The Mystery Agent hasn't revealed the winners yet, but that info is supposed to arrive today. It could come late in the day, or it might arrive before I finish typing this. I'm hoping to reveal the winners and the agent later today.

Meanwhile, we're going to have another contest with a prize. I'm still thinking on what would be the most desirable and helpful for you. I may put up a voting booth with several options, and you can help determine what kind of contest we have next. Leave a comment and let me know how that sounds.

Meanwhile, check back to see the winners when they're posted. Good luck!


  1. I love voting *laugh* - don't know why -but I just do - I voted on those over there on the side bar -:-)

    I didn't do the contest, but good luck to those who did!

  2. I'm sure any contest you come up with will be a learning experience for all, even if we don't enter. I learned a lot reading the query letters and comments.

  3. As long as it's a fun contest, I don't care what we do! And you're a creative perosn, so whatever you decide will be fine.

    And that way I don't have to make any decisions, because decisions stress me.

    I liked the funeral exercise, and I love reading everyone's posts. Thanks for making this such an interesting site.

  4. I love contests. How about you give us two words and we all have to write 150 words about them. Maybe the funniest one wins. Or the saddest one. For instance: You could say Dinning table, Swimming pool or Green grass.

    Maybe we could have a contest for the best made up song or rhyme.

    I’m up for any contest. Bring it on!

  5. Ha! I like Trish's way of thinking. Funny girl, what?

    I see you're up to 111 followers. That's always been a very special number for me. But, you can move on from there if you'd like.


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