Sunday, January 31, 2010



Dear Mystery Agent:

Eleven-year-old Tyson Driggs used to go on all kinds of adventures
with his best friend, from sledding to shooting at the range to prune
juice drinking contests. They had promised each other that they would
go up to Wyoming and kill a big seven-point elk this season, but when
one of their adventures lands them in trouble with the police, Tyson's
parents stick his best friend in a nursing home.

His best friend is his seventy-six-year-old gramps.

Everyone tells Tyson that his gramps has an overactive imagination and
a taste for danger... and that's exactly what Tyson loves about him.
In the nursing home, his gramps asks Tyson to go on one more adventure
together: bust him out of there so they can go kill that elk. But
when Tyson discovers the actual reason he's in the nursing home, the
adventure turns risky for real. His gramp's health is failing, but
how can Tyson say no to his best friend?

GRIZZLY KID is a middle-grade novel complete at 40,000 words. The
manuscript is available upon request. Thank you for your time.



  1. I get emotional just reading this query. The stakes are high, the conflict well presented, and the protagonist likable.

    I would make a minor change
    'from sledding to shooting (at the range - remove for sentance flow) to prune
    juice drinking contests.' 'This season they had promised each other that they would
    go up to Wyoming and kill a big seven-point elk (this season)'
    Just IMO. But I would defo want to read more!

  2. Still love this and want to read the book. Great the way you string us along thinking Gramps is another kid. Best wishes with this!

  3. This query has a great amount of heart! I love that you've written the elusive boy MG. Great job!

  4. I've read this book, and I can tell you that it's very well-written and the query does the book great justice.

  5. I love this. Looks like a great story. It reminds me of the movie Folks and I loved that.

    Nothing to add to your great query. Good luck.


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