Sunday, January 31, 2010


EMMY & LULU - Lower MG

Dear Mystery Agent:

Emmy's very nearly ten years old. And being so close to ten means that she knows about everything—at least that's what little sister Lulu thinks. Unfortunately for Lulu, Emmy's not always the best role model. Maybe it wasn't Emmy's best idea to hide the sleeping passengers' shoes on the flight to Dubai. She's sorry she and Lulu ate the fancy chocolates from the mini bar, even if it was an emergency. But she swears it wasn't her fault the snake got loose and ruined the hotel's special dinner party and Lulu's chance to dance with a real belly dancer. Ok, maybe it's kinda her fault, but she didn't mean it. Really.

Lulu says she's tired of Emmy getting her in trouble. In fact, Lulu's mad and she's not talking to Emmy any more. Emmy can't stand it when Lulu's angry with her. Life can get lonely without her super-accomplice, so Emmy's hatched a plan to win her sister back.

EMMY AND LULU is a lower MG novel for girls. It is complete at 19,000 words.

Thank you for your time.



  1. This sounds cute, but I had a bit of trouble following your query with the POV switches. I know queries can be so daunting!

    I'm just not sure who your MC is, Lulu or Emmy - maybe it's both and this was the most effective way of showing that.

    I wish you luck with it.

  2. I really love this and can so relate. This is the sort of story I love and would definitely buy this book.

  3. Too cute, but I agree with melodycolleen in that I'm not sure who your main character is. If it's Lulu, then I think you should rewrite the beginning of the query to show everything from her POV. If both girls are MCs then do some tweaking and carry on. :) Very cute story.

  4. I agree that the MC wasn't clear (maybe it's both). I also think you need to clarify Lulu's age. Is she just a little younger, or much younger? Especially if she's the MC character, her age might move you out of MG territory.

  5. I'm a little confused at who the main character is. Will it switch POVs in the novel? I would clear that up in the query. Otherwise it sounds like a fun and sweet sister novel. Good luck!


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