Friday, January 22, 2010


Below this post, you will find 50 entires for our "Opening" contest. We've been talking about beginnings and how critical it is to hook the reader at the start. The members of our new group have submitted their work for your perusal and evaluation. Each group contains ten entries. Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. (For information on comment protocol, click HERE.) After you review each entry, cast your vote for your favorite in each group. The top two in each of the five groups will compete in a final round of comments and voting.

In order to keep this post at the top, don't expect any additional posts from me until Sunday evening after 11:59 pm when the voting ends on the first round. If you have a question, leave a comment on THIS POST. I'll check it several times a day and see if there are any fires that need to be put out. Feel free to Tweet the contest and get your friends on here to vote, too. The larger the number of votes the better for everyone.

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