Thursday, January 28, 2010

We have a sub-forum at AW!

UPDATE: If you post your query on AW, don't post it in Query Letter Hell. We now have our own sub-forum called To Hell and Back Query Contest. It's the forum directly below the Query Letter Hell forum. If you haven't posted your query there yet, please do. If you've already posted it in QLH, leave it there but also post it in the new sub-forum. AW was most gracious to give us our own forum! Don't you think?

I also neglected to disclose some of the protocol at AW in my earlier post. Since you're receiving critiques and help from other writers, it's appropriate, and expected, that you critique the work of others in return. It's only fair. So, any time you visit AW, if you've posted something for critique, please take the time to offer a little critiquing in return. Thanks.

That protocol also holds true here. If you've received comments on your query, please offer some help to the others writers by giving comments on theirs. Nuff said about that.

And don't forget to enter the contest for Nicola Marsh's signed copy on the post below. Remember, it's a random drawing from the correct entries.


  1. On AW, you say that the first 25 people to enter the next stage are the only ones to get judged by the agent. Some of us thought we were entering at "stage one" (as was implied in your announcement post on AW). Are you going to consider those entries the first entries to the contest, or are you clearing the slate and we're just out of luck if we don't make it in time?

  2. Anonymous,

    Thanks for the question. I'm sorry if there was confusion in how we were going to do this. During stage one, the entries were open to all genres without limitation. I did that because I didn't want to prevent anyone from getting valuable feedback on their query, regardless of the age group they were writing for.

    However, since the agent for this contest is only accepting queries for MG & YA manuscripts, I felt it was more appropriate to open the contest starting fresh, with new polished queries that were in the acceptable age group.

    I apologize if I wasn't clear in stating how we were going to procede. Basically, the 25 entries with the earliest time stamp that hit my email after the starting time will be entered. They must be MG or YA and have a title included in the subject line of the email. I will give complete data on this tomorrow in a new post so you'll know the exact time the entry window opens and all the specifications for entering.

    On the good side of the coin, we only had 18 entries posted on the site, and some of those were not MG or YA, so your chances of falling into that first 25 remain very good. I hope that's some encouragement.

  3. Hi Michael, just wanted to check because I've already posted in Query Letter Hell. Should I be moving my post (if that's even possible)?

    Also, when you post the time for entry time, could you please make it really clear what time zone you're in. I don't want to miss out because I'm in a different time zone. Thanks!

  4. Marcie,

    I would leave the post in QLH as it is. I would also suggest that you post a new one in our sub-forum. One has been posted there late this afternoon and has already received three reviews. And be sure so offer a crit on it and a few others, if there are others there. Thanks for that.

    I will post the time zone. But just so you know ahead of time, it's CST. I will announce all the details Friday morning, so everyone will have a chance to see it in plenty of time.

    Thanks for participating!


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