Monday, April 12, 2010

Entry 16

Genre: YA Dystopian

IN THE AUTUMN is a 71,000 word dystopian YA.

Seventeen-year-old Althea is an oddball. If melting objects in her hands and living her entire life without seeing summer didn't prove it, well, she could list plenty more quirks that made her a freak. In a world where there is only human and Other, Althea has always known she's something else - and now she's being hunted.

The truth begins to unfurl when a mysterious cousin reveals Althea is both Other and human. The Others are cruel, superior beings and have ruled Earth since war evicted them from a ravaged home. They conquered and control the planet by erecting an ironclad veil between humans and their most powerful emotions.

The Others recently learned of the existence of children like Althea and, considering them both an abomination and a potential threat, will stop at nothing to exterminate them. Desperate and scared, Althea stumbles on latent powers she never guessed existed. Among them lies the ability to save not only her life, but to ensure a future for the human race.

IN THE AUTUMN is complete and the first of an outlined four book series. I appreciate your time and consideration.


  1. I love dystopias, so I was really excited to see this query! You've got a great concept here. I think this query would benefit from being rearranged a bit, so that it's clearer from the beginning how this is a dystopia, and how Althea stands out among some admittedly strange characters. Also, I didn't understand the bit about how she's lived her entire life without seeing summer.

    I would definitely read this book!

  2. This sounds like an interesting premise, but I too was confused about the summer part. Maybe explain that a bit more? Otherwise, this was good and I'd read.

  3. I agree with the above comments. I think you need the dystopian part up front and a little more linear thought in the the plot. It jumps around a bit now.

    Also, from what I understand, agents don't really want or need to know if you've written a series. Sell one book first.

    Good luck!

  4. This is a succinct, well crafted summary.

    I'd like to get a better sense of Althea's character, and her voice. What I'm not getting from this query is an emotional connection to the character or the story.

    Could this be a stand-alone novel? If so, I suggest saying it's a stand-alone with series potential.

    Nice work.


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