Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Entry 46

Genre: YA Contemporary

SILVER MEDAL is a contemporary young adult novel complete at 62,000 words.

Seventeen-year-old Maggie’s job selling hot dogs at the beach is the epitome of unsexy, but it’s not like she wants to hook up with a guy wearing something a few inches shy of a Speedo anyway. Then she realizes Andy, the head lifeguard, isn’t visiting her three times a day because he forgot ketchup. Maggie finds out there’s more to him than his gorgeous abs, and their summer fling turns into a real relationship.

Then Casey, Andy's ex, calls to tell him her birth control failed.

It doesn’t help that Casey has graduated from pushing Maggie on the playground and making fun of her absent father to leaving Andy’s old love notes in her locker. But Maggie is sick of the bombshell’s bitchcraft. She won’t let her ruin Andy’s pre-med plans or the only relationship that’s felt real to Maggie since her family dissolved.

The only way to coax Casey into choosing adoption is to earn her trust, even if it means opening up to the girl who knows how to hit Maggie where it hurts. But her plan backfires when she starts to empathize with an unborn baby more than the idiots who made it. Even worse, finding out the real reason Casey is willing to trade her ballet slippers for stretch marks reveals something within Maggie that terrifies her: sympathy for her worst enemy, and the realization she might not be so different from her after all.


  1. I like this one. It's well written and I love the voice. Many teenage girls will relate to it.

    Love the word, Bitchcraft. I can see that being used by kids too.

    Good luck.

  2. Bitchcraft - hilarious!

    I really like the tone you've set here - very relatable.

    Can't really find anything to fault,but I'm not an agent.

  3. I really like this query. It gets a little muddled in the fourth and fifth paragraphs, but I think the story remains clear and I think you've done enough with the voice to earn some requests.

    Love the word bitchcraft. Storing that one.

    Good luck!

  4. Great job! I'm not a big fan of contemporary YA, it's just not for me, but this made me smile and laugh.

  5. I'm a little sad that you lost the "silver medal" part, although I can see why it didn't work based on the focus of the query. However, I wonder if a lot of the first paragraph is leftover from that original query. Great voice in that paragraph (and the whole query), but do we need to know how they meet? Just something to think about if you're worried the query is too long.

  6. I don't get a sense of what the title means from the query, BUT I thought the query itself was stellar. Great voice, great stakes.

    Nicely done!


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