Sunday, January 31, 2010


Congratulations to those of you who snagged a spot in our first 25 entry slots. I have posted the entries below for your review and comments. I hope you will take the time to comment on any entries you wish to. Five would be a minimum number to shoot for. If you're pressed for time, please at least leave a comment on the entry directly above and directly below yours.


If, in your mad dash to get your query entry sent, you neglected to include something of critical importance, i.e., word count, genre, etc., please send me an email at and ask for the missing element to be included. This is not an opportunity to send a revised query! Only minimal changes will be allowed. Typos will be corrected if you have discovered any after sending your entry. If I have neglected to put a paragraph break in, let me know and I will fix it.

Obviously, I want to give everyone the chance to present the best possible query, since this is such an important competition with such a great prize. I would recommend reviewing your own query first to see if there are any glaring errors or omissions. Then, feel free to spend a little time reviewing others and leaving your helpful comments.

Good luck to all of you! You've made me proud. I have a feeling there may be some future authors among this group.


  1. Michael,

    Any idea when we can expect to find out who won?

  2. I have notified the Mystery Agent that the queries are posted. The agent asked for a week to review them. I think that's probably the worst case scenario. It could take less time, but no promises. If you're not "following" (where those little photos are) you might want to check back to see if any announcements have been made. Meanwhile, I'll be posting information tomorrow about what we're going to do next. It should be fun. I'm happy you participated.


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