Monday, January 25, 2010

Entry 11

Title: Listen
Genre: YA contemporary

I suck. I. Suck. But what am I supposed to do? The bomb isn’t heavy. It should be heavy, or smell, or something. Everyone should be able to tell I’ve got it, right here in my backpack, covered over by an ugly old sweater. But no one’s stopped me, no one’s searched me, no one’s noticed my damp jeans, my palms slick with sweat.


  1. I'm a fantasy reader and writer. Most of the finalists are fantasy. But I like this one best, even though it isn't in my preferred genre. The opening is so immediate, so promising of conflict and tragedy and emotions. I want to know who the main character is and what led them to this situation. Fantastic hook!

  2. I'm with Morgan. Although this person is carrying a bomb(!), I have some kind of connection with them anyway. Nice job!


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