Friday, January 22, 2010


Title: Upside Down
Genre: Fantasy

Upside down, this was how I felt right now, in this moment in time. I was
about give birth to a not so normal baby so to speak, I was giving birth
to a bouncing baby boy. What’s not normal about that I hear you say; well
his parents consist of a vampire and a witch so he was always going to be
a little different? Not sure “Supernanny” could handle this one!


  1. Please read this out loud to yourself. Or let someone else read it to you. It is not easy. You do have an interesting premise.

  2. I wouldn't use "in this moment in time", "so to speak", "I hear you say". I just wouldn't talk to the reader at all. It is an interesting idea. I can see why you'd feel "upside down." :)


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