Thursday, January 21, 2010

Contest update...

This should be fun!

So far we have seven "followers." That's not too bad considering we only started this call for writers about three hours ago. But we still need to get ten on that followers list before we begin. It wouldn't make much sense to hold a contest with only two entries. If we don't have the followers, we can't be assured of that many entrants. And the more the merrier.

If you have any writer friends, invite them along for the fun and enlightenment. You can always learn something by reading another writer's work. Feel free to Tweet about it. Mention it to your Facebook friends. Whatever. Everyone is invited to the party.

Until tomorrow, here's wishing you a good night's rest and a visit from your muse.


  1. Great website! Thanks for finding me on Twitter. Will be back here often.

  2. Smart starting off with a contest. I'll follow along. :-)


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